Dancing News

South West Area All Grades Results November 2013

Rebecca  :-

2nd Royal Empress Tango

2nd Tango

joint 1st Rumba & Jive


Ella :-

1st Royal Empress Tango

3rd Tango

3rd Rumba & Jive


Liberty  :-

1st Royal Empress Tango

3rd Rumba & Jive


Scarlett   :-

1st Royal Empress Tango


Ellena  :-

3rd Rumba & Jive


Grace   :-

2nd Royal Empress Tango



May 2013 – Exam Results

What a brilliant day! We were so proud of our dancers as they excelled in their exams achieving possibly the best results the school has ever had. A big thank you mums for all your efforts with their appearance on the day.

3 – 8 year olds

Our younger dancers undertook exams in the dances listed below:-

samba, quickstep, cha cha, waltz, quick waltz social foxtrot and musical theatre. They all passed and are now excited to learn new rhythms.


Children and adults danced waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and tango.  Not only was the pass rate 100% a total of 18 dancers received the highest possible marks of Honours which is 90% plus in each of their dances. Well done to all of you.


The dances included rumba, jive, paso doble, samba and cha cha cha. 11 of our dancers gained Honours which was a truly outstanding result.

Classical Sequence

8 out of 10 of our dancers were awarded Honours. A wide range of dances were demonstrated including tangos, saunters, waltzes and twosteps.

Additional Exams

Freestyle and rock n roll exams were all marked at 85% and above.


* Congratulations to Hilary on achieving Honours in your Associate Ballroom teaching qualification. A well deserved result.

Well done everyone on achieving such superb results. All your hard work has paid off!!



South West Area Graded Competitions Latest Results 2013


3rd tango

1st viennese swing

2nd solo freestyle



1st waltz

1st gainsborough glide

1st rumba



3rd veleta

2nd rumba



3rd waltz

1st veleta



1st midnight tango

3rd rumba



5th social foxtrot

5th Pete Wright’s waltz

4th cha cha cha



2nd social foxtrot

4th Pete Wright’s waltz



3rd waltz

3rd veleta

2nd rumba




South West Area Latest Results – All Grades

Liberty                          –                     2nd rock n roll pairs

Liberty                         –                       1st quickstep & foxtrot

Liberty                         –                       1st solo freestyle

Rebecca                      –                        2nd rock n roll pairs

Rebecca                     –                         3rd paso doble

Ellena                          –                          3rd viennese waltz

South West Area Competition Results 2012

Lucy                               –           1st tango

Lucy                               –           1st square tango

Lucy                               –           1st rumba

South West Area Competition Results 2012

Jessica                            –           5th quickstep

Jessica                           –            5th lilac waltz

Jessica                          –             4th jive

South West Area Competition Results 2012

Esme                               –             1st all grades waltz & quickstep

Esme                                –            3rd all grades jive

Esme                              –               1st quickstep

Esme                             –               1st lilac waltz

Esme                             –               3rd jive

South West Area Competition Results 2012

Jaz                                   –       1st tango

Jaz                                  –        1st square tango

Jaz                                 –         1st rumba

South West Area Competition Results 2012

Tracy                             –               1st all grades waltz & quickstep

Tracy                            –                1st all grades viennese waltz

Tracy                            –                1st all grades jive

Tracy                           –                  2nd South West Area Medallist of the Year ballroom

Tracy                          –                  1st britannia saunter

Tracy                         –                   1st paso doble